A Dairy Queen chocolate dipped cone?

Before I moved myself to Boston, the Dairy Queen near me in CT was only a little shack that was open in the summer.  How sad is that?  I’ve only recently discovered that there are in fact Dairy Queens that are like restaurants and serve food!  My favorite thing to get there is just a simple vanilla cone dipped in chocolate.  Simple and classic.  This is why when I discovered the chocolate covered hi hat cupcakes I had to go for it.  These things remind me so much of the DQ cone.

I had gotten the book Cupcakes! from one of my roommate Lenny and my friends had been bothering me to make the hi hats for a while after looking through the different recipes.  They look like a ton of work so I was resistant to make them and I soon found out that they are in fact a ton of work.

To put these together I baked a basic chocolate cupcake.  No, not the one bowl chocolate cupcakes that I use for everything else.  Surprising, I know.  The one bowl cupcakes aren’t great for this recipe because they are so light and fluffy and don’t hold all of the topping very well (trust me on this, I’ve learned from experience).  I actually followed the whole recipe in Cupcakes! and while while they’re a tad bit dry for my taste, they really hold up the best for this recipe.

You then have to make the marshmallow topping which is a pretty time consuming process.  This involves a double boiler and a hand mixer.  I’ve become so used to my Lenny’s stand mixer that at this point the hand mixer and I are not good friends.  Unfortunately there is no possible way to do this with the stand mixer. *Tear*  You basically have to stir this egg white/sugar/cream of tarter mixture with the hand mixer over the double boiler for 20-30 minutes.  Now you’re supposed to be doing this with a candy thermometer but I’m a rebel and just like to guess at it.  You really just have to cook this up until the sugar dissolves and you’ve formed stiff peaks.

After the eternity of mixing this marshmallow stuff together, I had to immediately pipe the topping into a swirl on top of the cupcakes and refrigerate them to harden them up.  While these are in the fridge you’ve got to go back to that double boiler and melt a bunch of chocolate chips for the topping.  I like to go with the semi sweet ones because lets face it, there’s already so much sugar in these things that you might do into a diabetic coma if you have anymore.  Now for the dipping.  Super important…this must be  quick process.  I repeat, this must be  a quick process. If you’re too much of a slowsky with the dipping, there is a chance that your topping will fall of into a bowl of hot melted chocolate.  If this happens, it will not be a fun time to scoop the fast melting marshmallow from the chocolate.  So go quick!!  Get those suckers dipped so you can let them harden and enjoy them.  This is what you have to look forward to when you cut them open:

If that doesn’t make you want these, I don’t know what will.  I know I said that the cupcake part of these are a little dry but the delicious fluffy topping and chocolate shell totally make up for that.  To this day my roomie still says these are her favorite of all of the cupcakes I’ve make, and let me tell you, I’ve made a ton of cupcakes.

What will the next cupcake adventure be??  Just wait and see.



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