It’s a Sad Day in Cupcakeland

What could this possibly be you ask?  You probably have no idea what the picture because it’s sadly been so mangled to death.  Let me start with the background.  Several days ago I was washing dishes and turned on the garbage disposal in the sink to hear a horrible crunching/crushing sound.  I mean this was bad, it sounded like someone had dropped a bag of marbles down there.  Me being me, I just think ehhh, it’s probably nothing and of course I just ignore it.  It wasn’t until a few days later when I was making my Gram’s birthday flower cupcakes that I messed up the frosting and was rinsing it down the drain and turned on the disposal again to hear the marble sound again.

This time Lenny was sitting with me in the kitchen (since her little baby fingers helped out with dipping those marshmallows) and she told me that there was something in the garbage disposal.  Duh, why didn’t I think of that?  She’s a smart girl.  I reached my hand down there (don’t worry, it was off) like I was reaching into a bucket of piranhas and felt what was down the sink.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  A nightmare come true, it was one of my piping tips!!  Not only was it one of the tips but it was the one I use the most to do basic frosting swirls on my cupcakes!!  Tip 194, I loved that one!  I shed a tear for my loss but not before whipping out my camera…”this is totally going on my blog” I told Lenny, she just giggled at me.

So RIP tip 194, we had a good run together and you were good to me during our cupcake adventures. I’ll always remember you.



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