Sweet and Still Here…

Am I just the worst blogger ever or what??  I know, its been almost a month since I’ve posted and nothing, nada.  And sadly I’m back and I’m not even writing about cupcakes.  Ok, well I’m not writing about my own cupcakes but this is Adventures in Cupcakes, so I’m writing about someone’s cupcakes.  I went to Sweet in Harvard Square last night and only after I had eaten my entire cupcake did I think this adventure would actually be worth blogging about.  So sadly, no picture of my cupcake since I scarfed it down but I did try to get a few pictures on my phone before I left so I could chronicle this adventure.

Sweet is really cute, its very clean and white looking, kind of modern.  Definitely a similar feel with the light colors that I’d want in a cupcake shop, but I’d personally go for a little more homey, old fashioned look.  I do love their cute little cupcake logo though that they have all around the shop and on the windows.

So I’ve had Sweet before and thought they were okay, the frosting is a bit sugary for me, but I’m a huge frosting critic and tend to be really picky about my frostings…I mean who wants a mouthful of grainy sugar and butter mixture?  Not me.  Sweet does a good job with their frosting unlike our new cupcake shop in Brighton, which will possibly be named at a later time (horrible cupcakes though).

I went to Sweet with my friend Lindy, and she got the sweet cake cupcake which was vanilla bean cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting.  For me, I got a strawberry shortcake, which had the same cupcake base as the sweet cake but is filled with strawberry preserved and topped with whipped cream frosting and a sliver of strawberry.

The verdict?  I definitely liked my Sweet cupcake this time.  Surprisingly, the best part was the frosting.  It tasted like the perfect whipped cream but was thick enough to hold up to the cupcake.  The actually cupcake part was good but a little dense but definitely moist enough.  If I was going to make a strawberry shortcake cupcake though (and I definitely will), I wouldn’t put strawberry preserves in the middle.  I missed the fresh strawberry taste in this cupcake, so I think I’d go for fresh berries here.  Lindy said she liked her cupcake but it had a bit too much chocolate frosting on it and had to take off the extra dollop from the top.

Overall, our adventure to Sweet was pretty successful…its a pretty cute place and the cupcakes were tasty.  They have a lot of interesting flavors on their menu with certain ones being featured daily while others are seasonal flavors like the strawberry shortcake or bubblegum (which I’m not sure I’d be adventurous enough to try). It was definitely worth a try, plus its research for my own cupcake empire!



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