Out of Business

This morning I was on my wonderful bus ride to work (okay, it actually is the second worst bus ride ever next to my friend Kristin’s who spends 1.5 hours on public transportation one way to get to our awful workplace) and noticed that the bakery that shall not be named was up for lease.  I’ve mentioned how awful this place was before, but today is the big day that I’m actually going to name it (even though most of you already know)…Cherry Bomb Bakery, ugh!

Initially when I saw this place was going to open in Brighton Center, I was really excited, only to be completely disappointed once I actually tried it.  And you can see on Yelp that tons of people were with me on this one too.  I’m not really sure how this place got any good reviews, but I’m pretty sure it was just from the people who couldn’t get a vegan cupcake anywhere else. 

I was also disappointed to learn that before opening, the owner of Cherry Bomb was allegedly bashing other businesses in Brighton Center like Athans and CafeNation.  I say allegedly since these are internet/Facebook rumors I read but I wouldn’t be surprised considering the hipster snobbery I encountered the two times I visited there. 

Let me tell you a little about my experience at Cherry Bomb when I went over the summer with Lenny.  First off, the service here was completely lacking.  You would think in a new business you’d be super friendly and excited to see new customers in the store but this wasn’t the case.  We tried making conversation with the girl at the counter telling her we were excited to see them open but she wasn’t too responsive.  Since everyone has a bad day, we decided to try again a week or so later but found the service to be no better.  Same girl, same bad attitude.  It was 7:45 and all she could say to us was that she was closing soon…it seemed like she just wanted us to get out so she could close up shop.

There are a good amount of variety in the cupcake flavors and they have vegan cupcakes.  I tried to ask for recommendations but didn’t get far with that.  I would have recommended that they put signs in the case with the cupcakes because it’s hard to tell what they are (and we didn’t get a great response when we tried to ask).  

We ended up picking out the signature cherry bomb cupcake and an orange carmel cupcake.  Both of these cupcakes were packaged together in a paper bag so when we got them home they had fallen over and the frosting was mushed together (I have to say that Sweet definitely has a leg up on packaging the cupcakes since you can get them home in one piece).

Once we got our mushed cupcakes home we couldn’t wait to dig in.  I really thought that while the service was bad, the cupcakes would live up to the hype but was disappointed again.  The cake on the cherry bomb cupcake was pretty good but the frosting was horrible.  The frosting was so grainy and sugary with a very greasy aftertaste.  It was almost inedible Lenny and I split both cupcakes so we could try different ones but had to scrape off frosting because it was just not good.  While I did think $2.50 was a decent price for a cupcake, the cupcake just wasn’t even good enough to justify paying for it sadly.

A lot of people bought Groupons for this place (I urged my friends not to!) and apparently they couldn’t fill the orders.  I guess they weren’t prepared to keep up with the demand but if you read reviews on Yelp, some people with Groupons didn’t get the dozen cupcakes they paid for.  What a ripoff!

Needless to say, I didn’t think Cherry Bomb would last very long, and they didn’t.  So it was a big fat:

It’s too bad since they could have been a really great addition to Brighton Center businesses.  Apparently they’re closing the store front but the owner will still be doing private catering.  It’s just as well, the public masses don’t need to be subjected to those cupcakes anymore. 




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