Am I a Daring Baker?

So I’m sure most of you peeps out there haven’t heard about the Daring Baker Challenge because I’m guessing a lot of you don’t browse baking/cooking blogs as obsessively as I do.  Anyway, I first learned about the Daring Baker Challenge  from Foodgawker when I saw a bunch of posts that made the same thing.  It couldn’t be a coincidence that all of these people were baking the same things at the same time was it?  After reading some of the posts, I discovered the Daring Baker Challenge over at the Daring Kitchen blog.

The Daring Kitchen has two different challenges to it…the Daring Baker Challenge and the Daring Cooks Challenge.  Basically, every month they put out a secret recipe at the beginning and throughout the month you have to make that recipe, photograph it, and blog about it.  It got me thinking that I’d be interested in doing the Daring Baker Challenge since I could learn to make some fun new things, and seriously, who wouldn’t want to try some of these things??  My issue is that there are a bunch of rules and regulations that go along with the challenge.  Exhibit A:

Ok I know that’s so small no human being could ever read it but it says I have to participate at least 8 out of 12 months a year or I get kicked out!  AND if I miss more than 2 months in a row I’m kicked out too.  I mean they don’t use the actual words kicked out, because “removed from the blogroll” is much nicer.    But can I handle that?  Also, I would have to blog about it here and that would make it a little less than Adventures in Cupcakes.  So should I go for it?  Do you guys think I’m up to the challenge?  Help me out here.




What exactly is a cupcake?

Anyone out there love making daily visits to Foodgawker?  I know Lenny does and so do I (even though they won’t accept any of my photos because they’re not good enough for them), we often send each other recipes back and forth.  So I was making my daily visit to Foodgawker this morning and I saw a post that said macaroni and cheese cupcakes.  I love mac and cheese and I clearly love cupcakes so I had to check out this post.  Once I got to the actual recipe I realized that it was just mac and cheese baked in a mini cupcake wrapper.  Not exactly a cupcake, but I’ll definitely give them props for trying.  And they would’ve been good for a party bite.

This got me thinking…what exactly do people consider cupcakes?  I’ve seen a lot of cupcakes that I’d consider more like muffins and vice versa.  I’ve also seen things like the mac and cheese cupcakes and lasanga cupcakes.  Are these really cupcakes?    I guess it all depends on your individual defination of cupcake but I can’t consider some of these things cupcakes.  I’m sorry, but mac and cheese in a cupcake wrapper is in no way shape or form a cupcake.  Where’s the frosting and pretty decorations?  That is definitely what makes a cupcake a cupcake.

As for cupcakes vs. muffins?  The main difference is that a muffin is any quickbread (mixed by muffin mixing method & does NOT contain yeast) that is in the shape of a cupcake. While, a cupcake is any cake batter mixed with the straight method or creaming method made into the shape of a cup. Cupcakes (traditionally) have frosting on top, while muffins have no frosting, but muffins can have a glaze on top.

I once heard from a wise source (okay, just some random baking blog I was reading) that if you throw a muffin against the wall it would make a “thud” but if you threw a cupcake against the wall, it would make a “poof” sound.  I think this is a pretty awesome distinction between the two but personally, I think a muffin is just the ugly stepsister of the cupcake, because come on, cupcakes are awesome.