Treat Cupcake Bar!

Long time, no blog huh? Man it’s been forever since I’ve even been on here but I’m totally blaming school on this one since way back in February I started writing a post and papers/tests took over and I haven’t looked back since. Now that that whole thing is done I can get back to the fun stuff.

This past Saturday I officially became a year older at the ripe old age of 27! Phew! Well little Lenny gave me a special treat on my birthday. She told me to reserve a bit of time in the afternoon for something and put me in the car to just go somewhere. I had no idea where we were going as we drove towards Needham. I don’t really know anything in that town anyway so for all I knew, she could have been kidnapping me and bring me somewhere remote where she was going to hide my body and I’d never know. It was pretty unlikely though since we were with other people so I wasn’t worried. The car stopped in front of Treat and I got excited!

Treat is just about the cutest cupcake shop ever! They have one counter that’s filled with all sorts of flavors of cupcakes from Needham cream pie to Oreo, to pink lemonade. They are super big cupcakes and look really yummy, but aren’t the real reason to go to Treat. The big selling point there is the make your own cupcake bar. How awesome of an idea is that!?!? You get to pick from four different cupcake flavors and four different frosting options. Then you get to add in up to three treats for the cupcakes like gummy bears, sprinkles, heath bar, coconut, mini M&M’s…there’s just so many it’s hard to pick! This was seriously like sensory overload for me. I had to let everyone go first because I just couldn’t make up my mind.

I ended up with a chocolate cupcake with classic buttercream and Oreos and peanut butter cups mixed into the frosting with chocolate covered pretzels on the side. This part is so fun because they take a blob of frosting and add in the mix-ins to it so you have Oreo/peanut butter cup frosting. It all gets mixed together like when you go to Cold Stone and they put it in a little cup. The cupcake comes in a little tray with your cup of frosting and your cup with any other mix-in treats. You then get to spread the frosting/treats on yourself with these cute little wooden knife and fork they give you. It’s perfect because you can put the whole blob on the cupcake or put it on little by little so that you get some frosting in every bite!

The verdict on these cupcakes?? DELICIOUS! The cake was delicious and not dried out at all like you can sometimes find. I also loved the buttercream frosting; it was sweet but not that tooth aching kind of sweet where you feel like you’re crunching down on sugar crystals. There are so many options to choose from that there’s got to be something for everyone.  Lenny had a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting and coconut, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate sprinkles.  Muff had a funfetti cupcake (love it!) with buttercream frosting, rainbow sprinkles, and peanut butter cups. Joey Cupcake had a yellow cupcake with buttercream frosting, M&M’s, and Oreos.

Everyone’s creations looked really good. The make your own cupcakes were $4.25 (with the pre-made flavors at $3.25) but were definitely a good deal since they were about twice the size of a cupcake that you get in most other shops, it was hard to even finish the whole cupcake!

It definitely made for a fun birthday adventure, and I’d definitely go back to try some of their other flavors of cupcakes…they all look amazing. Thanks for the fun birthday adventure guys!