My New Love: A Cupcake Carrier

I have a cupcake carrier that I bought a few years ago and used it once before I broke it.  I was so sad because it held three layers of a dozen cupcakes each, so it was great to transport large amount of cupcakes but somehow the hinges broke so I couldn’t carry it anymore.  I would basically just put the cupcakes in one of the removable trays and bring them places uncovered…not the most ideal way to transport cupcakes.  No matter though, the carrier way pretty bulky anyway.

Well one day I was randomly browsing through Home Goods and saw this gem:

Ahhmahhhzing!!  I just had to get this for myself!  It had three different layers that carried eight cupcakes per layer, so less than the other one, but how often do I really need to transport 36 cupcakes anyway?  I’m just totally in love with this cupcake carrier, because it is just too stinkin cute!

I also love how each layer had a little handle so that I can get them out without damaging the cupcakes.

I just can’t get over the cuteness of the carrier, and how doesn’t love a giant pink cupcake that has delicious cupcake treats inside.  Best part was that I got it for $19.99 at Home Goods but on Amazon…where I do 90% of my shopping…it runs for $24.99, so it was a pretty good deal.  You can’t beat that.  Good deal and looking cute while carrying cupcakes to people who I hope are going to be super excited about them.  My first cupcakes that were carried in it were chocolate pumpkin, but more about that adventure next time.