Super Bowl Treats!

Ok, so I know they’re not exactly cupcakes and they’re not even made of cake, but these Super Bowl Oreo truffles were quite the adventure. I thought it would be super fun to make football shaped Oreo truffles since Boy Cupcake and I were heading to Southie to watch the Super Bowl at Nip Git and D-Train’s place.

These things only require 3 ingrediants, so they seemed simple enough, right? Crush a package of Oreos, mix with a package of softened cream cheese, form into ball shape, dip into melted chocolate, put on a stick, and viola! Oreo truffle pops! Yeah, definitely not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

First of all, forming a football shape out of crushed Oreos and cream cheese is a lot easier said than done. When I first started, these things looked like giant mouse turds (sadly I know what they look like since we have mice in our apartment). After lots of molding and shaping, I was somewhat happy with the shape, so I decided to put them on the sticks. All you have to do is dip the end of the stick in melted chocolate and stick it in the ball. Okay, no problem.

The scary part comes when these things need to be dipped into the melted chocolate. I dipped them and stuck them in a foam block in an attempt to not have a flat side by laying them down. Next thing I know, they’re all falling off the sticks! After a few tears, Boy Cupcake convinced me to just dip them and lay them on a baking sheet so they’d have a flat side but wouldn’t fall off the sticks. Piping the laces on was a whole other thing since the white chocolate was too hot and started melting the piping bag.

I managed to decorate the foam blocks and stick all of the Oreo truffles into it so we could make our way to Southie. Wouldn’t you know it that half way there one of them fell off into my lap. These things are so top heavy, they just don’t want to stay on the sticks. We managed to get to Southie with only losing one! While we were getting everything out of the car people on the streets kept telling me how cute they were! Someone even stopped their car and said they’d give me 20 bucks for them. I love the people in Southie! Maybe they need a cupcake shop.

Somehow we managed to make it up the block only losing one more on the ground. Sadly after a little bit of sitting on the table, a ton of the footballs started to fall off the sticks (which you can kind one doing in the picture). Oh well, at least they pretty much made it for pictures. But what an adventure it was to get them to Southie in semi-one piece.



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