All things cupcake

Since I love all things cupcake, I have to share my new house keys.  I lost my whole set of keys which is definitely no fun but I found out that Home Depot sells pink cupcake keys!  And I completely love that they are blinged out too.  He hasn’t told me but I’m completely sure that Boy Cupcake loves driving my car because he gets to carry around the pretty pink, sparkly cupcake key!

On another note, I know this is completely late, but I have to share my Halloween pumpkin.  Boy Cupcake and I went to a pumpkin carving party which had a prize for the best pumpkin.  Can you guess which one is mine?

Being creatively competitive  I knew I had to do something awesome and tried to figure out how to carve a cupcake into my pumpkin.  I had a whole elaborate plan hatched on how I was going to carve this cupcake with sprinkles on it but I was completely over my head.  Thankfully Boy Cupcake had one of the girls there convince me to carve out the whole top of the cupcake.  And it worked out awesome!

Not to brag because there was some good pumpkins there but I totally won!  And I got a case of beer for my efforts.  Not bad!  I do have to thank Boy Cupcake for doing the dirty work of cleaning out the guts from the pumpkin.  Here’s a closeup for you…

Now I’m going to have to figure out how to top this next year!



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