All Things Cupcake: New Sheets!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love all things cupcake.  Not only is my kitchen cupcake themed but they’re starting to spill into other rooms too!



My mom was nice enough to give me an early Christmas present when I was home for Thanksgiving.  How amazing are these sheets?!?  They’re warm flannel sheets which is just what I needed now that it’s cold out and winter is coming.  They’re sure to give me sweet dreams.

2 thoughts on “All Things Cupcake: New Sheets!

  1. Hey Katie!

    As if your blog won’t kill my diet enough reading about cupcakes, now I’ll have to be sleeping with them?

    Just signed up to follow by email and Bloglovin. Thanks for dropping by my crazy blog. I also wrote a cupcake post a while back. So many good spots here in NYC for them!

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