All Things Cupcake: Duck Tape!

I was at Michael’s this past weekend picking up a few things for some amazing monkey cupcakes that I’m going to be working on this weekend for my friend’s little one’s first birthday.  They always get me there with all of the bins they have around the registers.  You know I have to stop and look even though I never find anything good.  You just never know what could be there!

Well this time I scored.  They had a bin with all different kinds of decorated Duck Tape and one caught my eye.


Who knew there was such a thing as cupcake Duck Tape?!?  Of course I had to get it because it’s so adorable, even if I have no idea what I’m going to use it for.  Ideas?

Cake Decorating Class

It’s been a long 3 months away but I’m excited to share about my most recent adventure.  Cake decorating class!  I’m taking the class through Party Favors in Brookline and I couldn’t
be more excited about it.  It’s a three week class where we learn everything from basic frosting, to flowers, to fondant!  And the best part of this class is that I don’t have to make the cake or frosting to bring with me.  Less prep!


Last Wednesday was my first class and it was a ton of fun but I have to tell you I was a little deflated after.  I walked into class all confident thinking I’d be the star.  I mean how couldn’t I, right?  Well making pretty things with cupcakes isn’t as easy as it looks.  Sure I can do all sorts of swirls on my cupcakes but that doesn’t transition over into frosting animals and flowers apparently.













The first class was on cupcakes and we started with a few different kinds of flowers.  Let me tell you, getting the right pressure and movement of the frosting is tough.  After flowers we move into animals.  Penguins, pigs, and dogs to be specific.  The penguin wasn’t too bad, it’s pretty basic.  But as you can see my little piggy isn’t as cute as he could be.  And don’t even get me started on the dog.  It looked like a turd and I couldn’t get the shape I wanted so I scrapped it for another penguin since those little guys are pretty cute.













Clearly I need to practice a little more.  I’m nervous that we’re going to be working on roses this week because my attempt to teach myself was disastrous.  Keep your fingers crossed that with some one-on-one teaching I’ll get a little better at this!

All Things Cupcake: New Sheets!

I’m sure it’s no surprise that I love all things cupcake.  Not only is my kitchen cupcake themed but they’re starting to spill into other rooms too!



My mom was nice enough to give me an early Christmas present when I was home for Thanksgiving.  How amazing are these sheets?!?  They’re warm flannel sheets which is just what I needed now that it’s cold out and winter is coming.  They’re sure to give me sweet dreams.

All things cupcake

Since I love all things cupcake, I have to share my new house keys.  I lost my whole set of keys which is definitely no fun but I found out that Home Depot sells pink cupcake keys!  And I completely love that they are blinged out too.  He hasn’t told me but I’m completely sure that Boy Cupcake loves driving my car because he gets to carry around the pretty pink, sparkly cupcake key!

On another note, I know this is completely late, but I have to share my Halloween pumpkin.  Boy Cupcake and I went to a pumpkin carving party which had a prize for the best pumpkin.  Can you guess which one is mine?

Being creatively competitive  I knew I had to do something awesome and tried to figure out how to carve a cupcake into my pumpkin.  I had a whole elaborate plan hatched on how I was going to carve this cupcake with sprinkles on it but I was completely over my head.  Thankfully Boy Cupcake had one of the girls there convince me to carve out the whole top of the cupcake.  And it worked out awesome!

Not to brag because there was some good pumpkins there but I totally won!  And I got a case of beer for my efforts.  Not bad!  I do have to thank Boy Cupcake for doing the dirty work of cleaning out the guts from the pumpkin.  Here’s a closeup for you…

Now I’m going to have to figure out how to top this next year!



Cupcake ATM?!?!

I officially need to make a trip to Beverly Hills now that I discovered the existence of a cupcake ATM!!!Apparently Sprinkles Bakery has come up with the best idea.  An ATM that dispenses fresh baked cupcakes 27/7 in different flavors.  You can even get doggie cupcakes…or as I like to call them, pupcakes.  I’m a little jealous that I can’t think of a new and exciting cupcake dispensary idea.  Can you?


My New Love: A Cupcake Carrier

I have a cupcake carrier that I bought a few years ago and used it once before I broke it.  I was so sad because it held three layers of a dozen cupcakes each, so it was great to transport large amount of cupcakes but somehow the hinges broke so I couldn’t carry it anymore.  I would basically just put the cupcakes in one of the removable trays and bring them places uncovered…not the most ideal way to transport cupcakes.  No matter though, the carrier way pretty bulky anyway.

Well one day I was randomly browsing through Home Goods and saw this gem:

Ahhmahhhzing!!  I just had to get this for myself!  It had three different layers that carried eight cupcakes per layer, so less than the other one, but how often do I really need to transport 36 cupcakes anyway?  I’m just totally in love with this cupcake carrier, because it is just too stinkin cute!

I also love how each layer had a little handle so that I can get them out without damaging the cupcakes.

I just can’t get over the cuteness of the carrier, and how doesn’t love a giant pink cupcake that has delicious cupcake treats inside.  Best part was that I got it for $19.99 at Home Goods but on Amazon…where I do 90% of my shopping…it runs for $24.99, so it was a pretty good deal.  You can’t beat that.  Good deal and looking cute while carrying cupcakes to people who I hope are going to be super excited about them.  My first cupcakes that were carried in it were chocolate pumpkin, but more about that adventure next time.



National Cupcake Day

I’m actually a  little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t know this, but according to CNN, its National Cupcake Day!  Apparently I also missed National Chocolate Cupcake Day and National Vanilla Cupcake day!  Who knew that there were days dedicated specifically to these flavors!?!?

Today is just celebrating cupcakes in general, any flavor you like.  I should have guessed that there was a day to celebrate cupcakes because let’s face it, they’re pretty amazing little packages.

I wish I was going to be celebrating by whipping up some delicious treats, but I’ve been pretty focused on getting Christmas cookie recipes together later.  With Christmas only a little over a week away, I’ve got to get those things baked so my coworkers get their gingerbread doctors so the cupcakes are on the back burner for at least another week!