Review: Treat Cupcake Bar

It may be a little late to be talking about Valentine’s Day but I’m going to reminisce for a few minutes.  Boy Cupcake and I had a lovely Valentine’s Dinner at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill.  It was actually the first time that we’ve ever gone out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.

When we were leaving dinner we noticed that Treat Cupcake Bar was next door!  I had been to their location in Needham and did the make your own cupcake (super fun and would make a great kid’s birthday), but had no idea that they had another location! The whole area over there is really built up with lots of shops, restaurants, and the best movie theater ever!  The only downside is that because there’s so much over there now, it can be hard to find parking.  I digress.

Anyway, we decided to stop in and get a cupcake to take home for dessert.  I went in wanting to share a cupcake (they’re huge!) but Boy Cupcake had other plans and wanted his own.  So he ended up with a lemon drop cupcake and I got the chocolate peanut butter overload.


I of course had to try both for research purposes.  The lemon was delicious.  It had a yellow cake, lemon frosting, and was garnished with sugar and a candy lemon.  The combination of the yellow cake with the lemon frosting was perfect for the right balance without being too lemony.


The chocolate peanut butter overload was right up my alley.  It was a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and topped with ganache.  I’m obsessed with the chocolate and peanut butter combo so I could have used just a bit more peanut butter in the middle but I can’t say this cupcake was disappointing.  I’d definitely get this one again, although next time I want to try the Needham cream pie cupcake!

Review: Georgetown Cupcakes

If you’re addicted to reality tv like I am, I’m sure you’ve seen DC Cupcakes on TLC like I have many times.  The two sisters not only make beautiful cupcakes but crazy cupcake creation.  I mean a tea pot and teacup made from cupcakes that actually pours tea?  Amazing!

So Apparently they’ve had so much success that Georgetown Cupcakes is not only in DC but New York, LA, and now Boston!  I had been hearing that the cupcakes were great but it seems like people always think cupcake shops are good when they’re not always…anyone remember Cherry Bomb Bakery?  Grodie!

I figured that I had to try this place out to see if it lived up to the hype, I mean apparently people in DC line up around the block to get cupcakes from their original store in Georgetown.  Talk about success, those sisters must know what they’re doing.

I went with my friend Lindy tonight after she had told me they were great cupcakes…but being the amazing friend she is, she told me they weren’t as good as mine, awwww!  First impression is that the store as a whole is super cute.  They have lots of displays of cupcakes but those aren’t the ones for sale, they take them off of trays behind the counter.

Once you order, they give you a number and you have to wait to get your cupcakes boxed up.  This is a bit annoying but I guess they have a system in place.  It wasn’t super crowded so we didn’t have to wait long once we ordered to actually get our cupcakes.

Lindy went for a coconut cupcake and I got the peanut butter swirl.  I’ve got to say it was a really hard decision between that and Boston creme so I’m going to have to go back to try another.  They box them up super cute so we got them to go so that we could sit outside in

the beautiful weather.

The verdict?  Lindy really liked the coconut cupcake and said the cake had a hint of coconut flavor but the frosting was a little soft for her.  It had a nice covering of coconut and looked adorable like one of those snowball snack cakes.  I didn’t try it but overall it sounded like a delicious cupcake.

The peanut butter swirl cupcake was a moist cupcake with a peanut butter center and chocolate ganache on top with a peanut butter swirl.  The cupcake was amazing but my only complaint was that the center was straight peanut butter which was a little overwhelming, so I think a peanut butter cream would have made it a little better.

Georgetown Cupcakes definitely knows what they’re doing with making a great cupcake.  The cake is moist and the frosting is just how I like it, not a grainy sugary mess.  I am definitely going to be going back to try some different flavors, this was an adventure that I’d definitely like to take again.